Example of Reciprocal Determinism
    Reciprocal determinism is a key concept in psychology, particularly in social cognitive theory, proposed by Albert Bandura, a renowned psychologist known for his work on social learning and self-efficacy. This theory suggests that behavior, personal factors, and environmental influences interact and influence each other bidirectionally. In other words, individuals are not merely influenced by external factors, but they also play an active role in shaping their environment and determining...
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    Self discovery
    We all seem to act too smart, as if we are the kings/queens of the world. In reality, if we were asked to speak about ourselves for as many minutes as our age—let's say 21 minutes if that's our age—then none of us could speak for even a minute. When we have to talk about ourselves, it doesn't mean the worldly tags that we have accumulated; it means the REAL YOU.
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