DJ From Montreal since 1978

Benny received his first paycheck when he was only 16 years, at Le Pocono Disco Club In Rawdon.
On his 18th birthday, he started to get really serious and worked his magic at Le Privilege & Le Marie-Victorin in Longueuil. These Clubs were Hot While On Decks !

He then worked in Montreal for L'enjeu, the same owners as L'Arnaque. ''My biggest influences were always Michel Simard/La Follie/Horizon and Robert Ouimet/Limelight/Danceteria.

In 1989, he sold everything and left his gig at Pat Gine in Laval and ended South to Daytona Beach, for their very first ever Spring Break. He really made a name for himself at the Beachcombers, 701 South & Razzle's.

From 1992 to 2007
He held residencies at the most successful nightclubs in Florida with capacities from 1000 to 3000 people.

In Extremis/Sarasota
Garage / Tampa / YBor
Mannequin/Downtown Disney O'Town
Amnesia /SoBe Miami
Benny B/Vog/MoodSwing/Mood2Grow & aBENaké
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